We are committed to the improvement of teaching.
We are dedicated to our teacher's professional development.
We provide guidance to foster exceptional teachers and scholars.
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Hampton University’s Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE). A division of the Office of the Provost, CTE is committed to the improvement of teaching and learning and strives not only to inform faculty of research in these areas, but encourages them to contribute intellectually to these areas through their scholarship.

The Center, located in the Academic Technology Mall of the Harvey Library (5th Floor), has a qualified, friendly staff, committed to working in partnership with individual faculty as they work to become better teachers and scholars.

About Us

The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) is a faculty resource facility that is dedicated to providing comprehensive programs for professional development including strategies for improved pedagogy in all disciplines, methods for increasing faculty research and scholarship, and innovative approaches to assessment. CTE is committed to promoting outstanding educational exchange between Hampton University faculty and students in the effort to foster an academic environment in which both can realize their full potential. The Center is also committed to offering institutional and global outreach services so as to address the most current faculty development issues. Finally, CTE is committed to stimulating the faculty’s creativity, collegiality, and exploration for a common goal: teaching excellence. In the effort to fulfill its mission, CTE has established the following goals:

  • To conduct and facilitate workshops and other faculty interactive sessions directed toward improving the quality of instructional skills
  • To offer an orientation series for new faculty members
  • To assist faculty in preparing for promotion and tenure
  • To communicate information regarding current trends in teaching, technology, research and assessment through a monthly newsletter
  • To aid faculty in the integration of technology into their classroom in order to  enhance the teaching/learning process
  • To assist faculty in developing appropriate teaching strategies so as to maximize desired student outcomes
  • To train faculty in the use of various software applications
  • To assist faculty in developing appropriate forms of teaching assessment
  • To provide a resource library for faculty as a means for promoting teaching excellence
  • To create a supportive network that will provide faculty with a conduit for information exchange as a means for improving their teaching and scholarship
Shared Teaching Strategies

The Center for Teaching Excellence welcomes all teaching faculty to share effective teaching methods that they have found beneficial. If you have materials or strategies that you would like to share with your colleagues, please forward this information to the CTE via e-mail.